Semi-Automatic Block Board Composer SB-8
Product Model:SB-8


  1. Block Board Composer SB-8 is specialized in producing various sizes of lumber/block core board thickness.
  2. The block board composer equips with wide face and bottom heater 17 pieces for each, and the steam or oil as media to supply heat for heaters to pressing and composing the strips.
  3. Automatic glue applicator applies the glue to the feeing strips and the feeder delivers them into composing section.
  4. The strips are fed by the auto feeder one after another till fixed width, the circular saw cuts it off automatically. Afterward the full width strip is pushed into the heater by the hydraulic and Air pressure device for composing.


  1. The upper heaters are able to lift individually and it can be adjusted for the clearance between upper and lower heaters. Meanwhile, according to the strips thickness, the gap can be adjusted to fit for the production.
  2. Each upper heater equipped with springs which always ensure the heater is always in the best contact / connection with the strips.
1. Length of Product 1,880-2,514 mm ( 6’, 7’, 8’) 1,880-2,5145 mm ( 6’, 7’, 8’)
2. Strip Thickness 8-25mm 8-25mm standard
3. Strip Width 35-50mm 35-50mm
4. Feeder motor 3HP*6P, 1 Set  
5. Feeder clutch brake 1 Set  
6. Motor for Oil pump 10HP x 4P, 1 Set 10HP x 4P, 1 Set
7. Motor for circular saw 3HP* 1 Set 3HP* 1 Set
8. Power 10.5Kw 10.5Kw
9. steam pressure 3-7 KGS/cm2 3-7 KGS/cm2
10. Compressed Air 5.0 kgs/㎝2, necessary 5.0 kgs/㎝2, necessary
11. Max. pushing speed 45 strokes/min 45 strokes/min
12. Hydraulic control system 1 Set 1 Set
13. Pneumatic control system 1 Set 1 Set
14.Electric control system 1 Set 1 Set
15. Upper thermal oil heaters 130*130*4,000mm*17 pcs 130*130*4,000mm*17 pcs

16. Lower thermal oil heaters

130*130*3,715mm*17 pcs 130*130*3,715mm*17 pcs
17. Consumption 70kgs/hr 70kgs/hr
18. Gross Weight 7,500 kgs (approx.) 7,500 kgs (approx.)
19. Feeding Automatic feeder device *1 set Rectangular strips container *2 Pcs.