Veneer Core Composer & Builder
Product Model:VCB-4

The veneer core builder is specialized in cutting and jointing the monoplate veneer from 1.5mm to 4.0mm and simple operating by one worker, which from infeed conveyor, tenderizer, electronic veneer thickness detector, cutting, jointing by not melt glue to desired length 4'x 8' or 3' x 6' and loading to automatic stacker, that all processes are operating by one perfect veneer core builder.


  1. Machine Size: 4FT (WIDTH) * 8FT (LENGHT)
  2. Made In Taiwan, Republic Of China
  3. Key Features: The Best Composing Performance

Veneer core builder for:
Type: VCB-4, TCVB-4(For Supplying hot melt glue, dry core veneer)

Model (T)VCB-4
Length of knife 1350mm
Working Veneer Core Width 968mm to 1270mm(3ft. to 4ft.)
Veneer Core Thickness 1.2mm to 4.5mm
Feeding Speed 30m/min(Constant)
Motor Power Feeding 3.7kw*1
Glue Applicator 0.2kw*1
Full-Size Clipping 1.5kw*1
Heaters 7.5kw*1
Cooler Unit 0.15kw*1, 0.7kw*1
Cooling Blower 0.75kw*1, 0.1kw*1
Dust Fan 0.75kw*1
Stacker Table Lifting 2.2kw*1
Stacker Feeding 0.4kw*2
Stacker Fan 0.75kw*1
Tenderizer 2.2kw*1
Tnderizer Fan 0.75kw*1
Area Occupied 3.2M(W)*13.52M(L)
Machine Weight N.W.9,000kgs
Measurement 59m3

Optional Accesories:
Air compressor with 3.7kw motor(require 6kg/cm air pressure 60litres/min free air)