Glue Spreader
Product Model:GS-5/GS-9
  1. Glue spreader is the specialist to spread the glue uniformly on (core) veneers.
  2. Increasing the utilization of glue and decreasing and minimize glue consumption.
  3. Equips with high quality rubber glue rollers and chromate treatment doctor rollers. The glue spreads evenly it helps the veneer stick rigidly precise.
  4. The safety device is able to immediate stop the machine whenever the danger occurred.
  5. Easy operation, the rollers are able to adjust by the pneumatic cylinders. The frequency controller system provides a flexible speed adjustment to meet various demands.
  6. Easy maintenance, the rollers are able to lift up and move forward by the cylinders. The objects and glue residual can be easily excluded and cleaned out from the rollers.
  1. Machine Size: 9FT
  2. Made In Taiwan, Republic Of China
  3. Key Features: The Best Gluing Performance For Plywood Processing Works
Specification of Glue Spreader : Model:  GS-5 Model:  GS-9
1. Main rubber roll Φ230*1400mm Φ350 ×2730mm
2. Doctor roller Φ188*1400mm Φ230 ×2730mm
3. Lower roller Φ230x(L)1400 mm  
4. Clearance between rubber rollers 35mm 0 – 50mm by handle
5. Feeding speed 32m/min 0 – 150m/min
6. Machine dimension (L)1950x(W)800x (H)1550mm 2510(L)×4225(W)×1700(H)mm
7. Machine weight 2500 4500kg
8. Motor for outlet conveyor   1.5KW
9. Motor for roller drive 1.5KW 5.5KW

Optional Accessories: Air compressor with 3.7KW motor
(require 7kg/cm air pressure 1200 liters/min free air.)