Cold Press
Product Model:CP-500T

The cold press is a necessary equipment in plywood machine. The machine is used to pre-press the glued veneer and to make it flat and stick together. The machine is suitable for pre-press process of making plywood, blockboard and decorative board.

Yo Sheng's cold press machine specializes in woodworking process and is fit for making cold pressed cutter blade, grinding wheel and resin bond wheel which can be finished if heating plates are used. In additional to, the cold press can be applicable in density boards, shaving board, veneer boards, solid wood boards, wood glue and woodworking industry.


  1. Machine Size: 500 tons
  2. Made In Taiwan, Republic Of China
  3. Key Features: Pre Press & Cold Press
  4. The working table is made of cast iron to give a long service life and low maintenance cost.

Size of platen 1350*2700mm(4'*8')
Total pressrue 500 Tons
Unit pressure 16.8kg/cm2
Main rans Ø375mm*2 Sets
Opening ran Ø80mm*2 Sets
Opening distance 300-1200mm
Pressing stroke(Max) 900mm
Platen up-down speed 550mm/min
Pressing speed 150mm/min
Motor for pump 11kw*6p
Motor for conveyor 0.75kw*4p
Machine Size 3610L*2105W*4645H